A Word from Ren:
Dogs in the
July 12 2016

Hi everyone! My name is Ren, and as the DogPound’s newest team member, I oversee workouts, make sure the clients are happy, give tons of kisses and find any nook or cranny in the gym to nap. The guys keep me busy!


The other day, I was on the DogPound website and realized there was no canine representation. So, to fix this, I pitched the idea of writing a once a month Paw-some blog showcasing my friends, offering tips and featuring pet trends. The guys approved!


For the July month, I decided to write about the benefits of having a dog in the workplace. More and more companies are allowing it. While this might seem like a distraction, having dogs at the office can actually have a number of benefits.

  1. Improved productivity: The staff must take the dog on walks during the day. Instead of spending long periods of time at their desk, these employees end up working more productively thanks to these short breaks. We all need to take some time to get up, stretch, and disconnect from work.
  2. Boost creativity: Having a dog at work sets up an environment that encourages people to think outside the box. This can lead to fresh ideas for products, services and/or other projects.
  3. Stress reduction: Being around dogs has been shown to lead to lower levels of stress and anxiety. When employees have dogs with them at work, they tend to be calmer, even under pressure. 
  4. Improved teamwork: Dogs in the office can give co-workers something to bond over. This can end up improving teamwork and encouraging employees to work together more cooperatively on a daily basis, which boosts company morale and productivity.


It’s a win/win situation to have your canine companions in the workspace. Hope you found this post informative, and I’ll see you next month!


Love and Smash!


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