Dogpound Members
Smashing it
at the Olympics
August 12 2016

If you have been watching the Olympics this year, you know that the USA has been absolutely smashing it. With 38 medals so far (and counting), the US is looking good. There is no other sporting event with such a variety of activities, competitions and countries coming together to play for gold. It takes a truly dedicated athlete to compete in the Games, and the competitors are definitely the best in the world.


And while we love to support our country, the Dogpound knows that athletes from all over the world have what it takes. Three incredible athletes competing this year, swimmer Conor Dwyer and fencer Miles Chamley-Watson competing for team USA, and gymnast Petrix Barbosa from Brazil have been known to spend some time pumping iron and getting their sweat on with the Dogpound crew.


We’ve talked about the importance strength training has on your overall health and meeting your weight loss goals and improving your metabolism, but the amazing accomplishments of these athletes make a very convincing argument for waking up early and hitting the gym.


In fact, Miles Chamley-Watson spent many hours in the Dogpound gym in preparation for Rio, stating he had no time for a girlfriend–training for the olympics was his girlfriend. In a recent interview, Chamley-Watson explained, “This is kind of my job–this is what’s important to me now.” He focused on building his strength and power working with Dogpound trainers in conjunction with his hours practicing at the Fencer’s Club in Chelsea to make sure he would be competition ready. And, after receiving a bronze medal today during the team fencing event against Italy, we can definitely say all that time in the gym paid off!


Conor Dwyer, long time friend of Dogpound founding member Nigel Barker (just check out how much fun they have together!) finds time to workout at the Dogpound when he hits New York. With two medals so far in Rio (a gold for the 4x200m freestyle relay, and a bronze for 200m freestyle), and 14 career medals so far, we can easily say that Dwyer is in tip top shape.


Not to mention the raw muscular power of #dogpounder Petrix Barbosa, member of the Brazilian gymnastics team! Before the games, he and CEO/Founder Kirk Myers spent some time in the gym smashing it with some incredible balance work, strength training, and isolations. Check out his Instagram at @petrixbarbosa for photos.


Matt Targett, Australian swimmer who competed in both the 2008 and 2012 olympic games is another founding member of the Dogpound, and while he may not be competing this year, he has continued his dedication to fitness. Choosing to hit the barbells over the bars for happy hour seems like a no brainer for this muscled mad man!


Be sure to watch the games and follow these incredible athletes and more this year in Rio and into the future for some workout #inspiration Dogpound style!


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