A Word From Ren:
Traveling With Pets
August 16 2016

Hey everyone! 

For this month’s post, I want to give a shout out to all the pets and pet parents who travel together. You see, I’ve been thinking a lot about traveling. With the DOGPOUND’s world domination, I can only assume I’ll be making some trips in the future.

My friend Rambo has a lot to say on the subject of being a globe-trotting canine companion. He writes on his mom’s blog Three Quarters There and in his most recent post, Rambo wrote about “How to Travel with a Pet.” With some great advice for pet owners, and some information about which airlines offer some pretty amazing pet perks, Rambo’s post will pretty much convince you not to leave your pet behind the next time you decide to take a vacation!

To read more, check out the post here. For great advice, daily wellness, and of course more words of doggy wisdom from Rambo, be sure to follow Three Quarters There!

Now If I only I could get Rambo into the gym for a workout before he heads out on another trip!



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