The Importance
of Proper Form:
Why Your Trainer
Should Make Corrections
(and you should listen)
September 2 2016

No one really enjoys being corrected, and while constructive criticism is a useful tool for improvement, it isn’t always the easiest to hear. But, when you are dead lifting your body weight, be sure to do what your trainer tells you. Listen to their corrections because it can save your body from some serious hurt and help you become better, stronger, and your workout more efficient.


Ways Proper Form Improves Your Workout:


  1. Prevents Injury

If you are working out with weights, having the proper form is a must. Incorrect weight training can lead to injury; from simple sprains or strains, to fractures or muscle tears training injuries can be incredibly painful or debilitating. Lifting heavy weights improperly can also cause a misalignment in your body, putting stress on your muscles, tendons, and joints. While you may not feel the effect of this immediately, this kind of stress can open you up to further injury when you least expect it. Avoid harm and get the most out of your training sessions by working with a fitness trainer, physical therapist or other fitness specialist to guarantee optimal form.


  1. Targets Specific Muscle Groups

Isolation exercises are essential to building muscle, so if you are looking to target a specific muscle group, proper form is key. For example, if you are swinging your whole body during a bicep curl movement, chances are your bicep isn’t actually doing the work. You may be using more of your shoulder or your core. Correcting your form during this exercise will guarantee you a pretty impressive gun show.


  1. Lift the Appropriate Amount of Weight

If you are using your entire body to do an exercise–like the bicep curl mentioned above– or your movements are sloppy or out of alignment, you may mistakenly use too much weight. When your form is on point, you will know very quickly if the weight you are using is the correct amount. You may even find you can lift more weight than you thought!


  1. Stabilizes and Creates Balance

Weight lifting has so many positive benefits, including increasing balance–if exercises are done correctly. Without proper form, muscles can work at awkward angles or unequally, which will decrease the benefits of your workout and disrupt your balance.


  1. Breath and Form Go Hand-in-Hand

When you are lifting weight, do not forget to breathe! Breathing insures that all of your working muscles get enough oxygen and any waste products are removed. Not breathing during weight training is dangerous. Referred to as the Valsalva Maneuver, holding your breath causes a rapid increase in blood pressure and intra abdominal pressure, and can cause hernias, compromise the vascular system (veins and blood vessels), and even result in passing out. Maintaining correct form can help ensure proper breathing. Inhaling as you lower the weight and exhaling as you lift is the most effective way to breathe when strength training.

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