A Word From Ren:
The Importance of
September 13 2016

Who doesn’t like a massage?


I certainly love it. There’s nothing better than a massage to help me relax, relieve any stiffness or soreness I may have had from my busy day, and just make me feel amazing. There are many resources online to help instruct pet owners on the best ways to massage their dogs, but to make it easy, I’ve included a link here to some step-by-step instructions!


Massage is equally important for humans– especially when it comes to helping to restore sore muscles after a hard workout at the DOGPOUND. It can help with circulation, healing, and creating a feeling of peace and tranquility in your body. 


My two-legged friend and fellow DOGPOUND member Yotam Kafri owns of the top-notch massage company Mudras, and knows exactly what the body needs to relax, rejuvenate, and repair. He just had the grand opening of his new space in SOHO and it’s an oasis of serenity!


I have seen him adjust, manipulate and stretch DogPound clients after their workouts. His healing hands are truly an amazing gift.


Yotam’s goal after each session is for the client to step out the door as the best version of themselves both mentally and physically. He tailors every appointment to their individual needs. The combination of his extensive knowledge and focus on using a broad scope of modalities has given this 15-year experienced therapist skills and techniques that truly restore and reinvigorate the body and soul.


Even I get spoiled when I’m at Mudras after running around the DogPound! It’s pure bliss.


Check out Yotam and his services on the Mudras website!