An Evening of Wishes
with Nigel Barker
and the Dogpound Team

The Dogpound was honored to attend the recent Evening of Wishes Gala benefiting the Make-a-Wish Metro New York and Western New York Foundation hosted by the incredible Nigel Barker. 

Charity and fundraising is so important to us here at the Dogpound, and our amazing team is proud to announce that we were able to raise a whopping $35K so far this year to some incredible causes.

Dogpound has worked out for CaringKind, which provides assistance, information and support for Alzheimer’s and related demensias. We’ve pumped iron for Jumpstart, a program designed to help provide education and materials to children. And of course, we hit the gym for Make-a-Wish.

By auctioning off Dog Pound workouts for charity, we hope to continue promoting both a healthy lifestyle and the unbelievable value of giving to others.

We encourage our Dogpound members and friends to contribute to these and other worthy causes in New York and around the world. See our Outreach page for more information on how you can put your mark on the world through helping others. 

The evening included a elegant meal, dancing, and our own Brey “The Beast” Pena doing bicep curls on stage using Dogpound Trainer Dara “Baby Rhino” Hart (still dressed in her evening gown) as his weights! Way to Smash It for Charity!

The Dogpound
Goes To Haiti

Haiti Strong is a growing movement of leaders who strive to ensure that kids growing up in poverty get access to fitness facilities as well as access to nutritional information to help them lead better and healthier lives. We also aspire to teach and fund training programs to allow the youth in Haiti to create jobs within their communities. 

The team went down to Haiti in affiliation with Edeyo Foundation to give to the children there. The goal for this movement is to create a safe haven for the kids to work out despite their circumstances. The gym serves as a way for them to channel their aggression, adds structure and discipline. Kirk comments, “We are trying to implement a fitness program for kids and adults that creates a community center that can provide jobs.” Trainer and President Dawin remarks that it was the “best Christmas ever, putting a smile on a child’s face who wasn’t expecting anything.” Giving back is important and one of the best ways to do it is to educate the young so that they can pass it forward.

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Great Youth

The Great Youth Movement (G.Y.M.) is a new program that teaches the youth the value of physical fitness. Kirk and his team provided support to a group of unique kids from all over New York City with a program designed to provide all with increased physical fitness and psychological well being.

The program included a wide variety of outdoor training where the kids who range from early teens to near 20, utilized parks and facilities throughout the lower Manhattan community. The program also included a series of team-building exercises, including street and litter cleanup expeditions for residents in need.

Kids 4 Kids

Kids 4 Kids is a charity that raises awareness of the problems facing children in Sudan and showing how their lives can be improved in simple yet effective ways. The team’s role in the Kids 4 Kids charity event was to create excitement and enthusiasm about physical fitness in the children’s lives.

Kirk and his team planed several exercises for children such as tug of war. The kids were glued to the team and their faces were radiant while participating in the activities.

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