The Dogpound
In Glamour Magazine
August 5 2016

If you’re looking for the perfect fat-blasting, muscle-toning, sweat-inducing working, but you haven’t got time to hit the Dogpound’s 1 Renwick gym location in NYC, Glamour Magazine has got you covered. In their July 2016 editions (on newsstands now), writer Sara Gaynes Levy interviewed Dogpound’s number one: CEO Kirk “Captain” Myers. Along with some great quotes (“I like it when people smash things”), and an incredibly gorgeous photo of kick-ass trainer Dara Hart by Nigel Barker, Kirk gave readers some tips for getting the best workout at home without weights or machines. Just using your body weight and repeating the exercises listed can get you great results in under six weeks when you follow a healthy diet plan. Be sure to grab your copy of Glamour today and get ready to SMASH!

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