Dogpound's Ladies
Join Houghton
for Fashion Week 2016
October 25 2016

Fashion brand Houghton decided to do something a little different for Fashion Week this year. Designer Katherine Polk decided to invite 10 inspirational women to be a part of her documentary-style film “The Houghton Girl” which explores not only the amazing bridal fashions for 2017, but some of the emotional and physical landscapes of these inspirational REAL women. Three of DOGPOUND’s own–Dara Hart, Keyla Pena, and Bianca Vesco–share their strengths, their struggles, and their smoking selves. 

The film dives into the very real challenges women, especially women in the fitness and fashion industry, are faced with. Each woman shares her experience with the pressure to be successful, to be your best self, to be fit and strong, and juggle responsibilities like running a business, handling personal and professional success, motherhood, marriage, and even invisible illnesses like body dysmorphia and depression. 

Raw and edgy, the film is definitely something to watch–and the clothes are on point! Check out an amazing review in Well + Good here

Check out the full video on Houghton’s website.