Welcome to the Dogpound
Well + Good
Magazine Feature
April 28 2016

Well + Good, the premier wellness lifestyle magazine focusing on all things healthy, wholesome, and holistic, has a fantastic spread featuring the Dogpound. The article highlights our brick and mortar location on Canal and Renwick calling the Fabien Baron designed space “minimalist-cool” with energy that feels like “a hot new restaurant,” and talks about our scorching Machine Gun Workout and Boxing classes. 

A great shout-out to the ladies of Dogpound–both trainers and clients alike–and our fitness brother (and sister) hood that is growing in strength as well as size. Well + Good’s article shows how Dogpound is definitely becoming a community everyone wants to join. 

Read the article “Welcome to the Dogpound, New York’s Trendiest New Workout Spot” here

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