Our Methods

Results driven personal training customized to your fitness level and goals. Private training is catered to your individual needs and includes a fitness assessment, a plan to help you achieve your fitness goals, and nutritional programs. The DogPound was founded to help clients not only reach, but surpass their goals and we thrive on every improvement and success made during each 1 on 1 session.

Individual sessions involving pad work, heavy bags, and cardio conditioning. Can train all levels from beginners to competitive athletes. Our “DogPound Style”, or simulated boxing, combines strength training and cardio, and is as close to actual fighting as you will get outside a ring.

Small group sessions delivered at high intensity. The DogPound offers both strength training/conditioning and boxing group classes.

DogPound Workouts – Our strength and conditioning classes are full-body focused, targeting specific muscle groups, and include high intensity interval training, weight training, and endurance training.

Boxing Classes – Our boxing classes are cardio heavy and include strength training. A fierce full-body workout, boxing will make you sweat from head to toe.

The Machine Gun Signature Workout

The machine gun workout is a high intensity full body session. Each exercise is designed to take you and your body beyond what you thought yourself capable. This rapid fire workout keeps you guessing with zero repetitions. Combining the best elements of yoga, resistance training, boxing, core strength, ballet, and cardiovascular endurance, you can burn up to 700 calories per session.


Individually crafted nutritional programs designed to help you reach your personal goals. Each program is designed with you in mind, with options to help burn fat and gain muscle, and is catered to your specific dietary needs.

The Origin

The Dogpound started out as a small group of workout buddies, led by personal trainers Kirk Myers, Breylis Pena, and Dawin Pena, who met every morning to “Smash It!”

What may have seemed like a crazy workout schedule to some, became our badge of honor. The DogPound knows that physical fitness isn’t just about working out. Getting healthy, getting fit, takes a change in lifestyle. The Dogpound is a great way to get an intense work out when getting to the gym doesn’t seem to fit into a busy schedule. Although the Dogpound formed with physical health and fitness in mind, it rapidly became more like a family than a workout group.

The most remarkable thing about the DogPound is that even though we are up at the crack of dawn, gritting our teeth through the burn of extreme, high-intensity workouts, we generate a stunning amount of positive energy. While the DogPound had modest beginnings, it bulked up, transforming from a small fitness group into a fitness sensation. Who needs coffee? It is no wonder that the DogPound’s dedication doesn’t waver; positive energy is truly addictive. This energy resonates in our activities, our group workouts, our one on one sessions, and our charitable and giving efforts.

Kirk Myers
CEO Dogpound Founder
The Captain

For any of us who may have ever let ourselves get a little overweight, Kirk Myers is a huge inspiration for success in physical fitness. Kirk was a shy kid from Kansas City who fed his insecurities with candy bars and junk food, ballooning to more than 300 pounds on a 5’6” frame. He struggled to keep up both socially and athletically, and his poor dietary habits finally drove him to rock bottom. As a 21-year-old college student, Kirk was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and congestive heart failure. This was his sea change moment. With the help of his doctors, Kirk completely changed his lifestyle, focusing on fitness, healthy nutrition, and mindfulness. Since then, he has lost 125 pounds and built an impressive…body of work. His positivity and enthusiasm push his clients to greater goals and massive successes. At a ripped 175 pounds, Kirk is a top trainer to celebrities, athletes, and professionals, and epitomizes personal achievement and overcoming adversity.

Kirk’s Philosophy: Lifestyle change doesn’t come easily or overnight. It takes a combination of desire, positive attitude, drive, and a strong support network to make change, one step at a time. Confidence and believing in yourself is 99% of the battle. With determination, you can accomplish anything.

Dawin Pena
Head of Personal Training

Dawin believes that fitness is not just about working out; it’s about living a healthy lifestyle. This gentle giant shows what it means to live a well-rounded and healthy life, relishing every step of the journey. Playing baseball helped Dawin find his passion for fitness and working as a team, and while he still plays ball in recreational leagues up in the Bronx, training others downtown has become his life’s work. His experience, sense of responsibility, and commitment to helping others shows in his training style. Working out with Dawin can change your life.

Dawin’s Philosophy: Training, playing sports, and staying active not only keeps you in shape, but makes you a better person.

Brey Pena
CSO / Co Founder

Brey is no stranger to hardship, and believes that with determination anything is possible. When his father was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison, high school aged Brey and his older brother Dawin were left with responsibilities beyond their years. For Brey, the stress and frustration of his situation resulted in anger and resentment. Then Dawin made a suggestion that changed Brey’s life: “Let’s go to the gym.” The gym became a safe haven, a place to channel his frustration in a healthy way. He had struggled with his weight as a kid, but at the gym he was able to focus, reflect, and conquer his inner demons. With nearly a decade of professional experience, Brey has helped his clients achieve their goals.

Brey’s Philosophy: Enthusiasm, discipline, and working your frustrations out at the gym builds your fitness foundation, but it is passion that will keep you going in life.

Dennis Pena

Dennis is the poster boy for energy and intensity. While his passion initially sprang from playing sports such as baseball, football, and basketball, Dennis, like his two older brothers before him, found joy in the gym. Sports were great for letting off steam and staying in shape, but working out at the gym 5 days a week taught Dennis what was possible with dedication, will-power, and a desire to get pumped. Now, as a confident and free-spirited professional trainer (and self-professed “sneakerhead”), Dennis brings fun into every workout.

Dennis’ Philosophy: Don’t just work out because you feel you have to. Work out because you love how it makes you feel.

Dara Hart
Baby Rhino

Dara lives, breathes, and enjoys all things fitness. Whether it happens inside the gym or outside on the streets of New York, she trains daily to keep her mind and body in shape. With a background in musical theater and dance, Dara brings grace, balance, and vitality to her workouts. This petit powerhouse inspires others to reach their ultimate potential. Her extreme athleticism and extensive style of training is goal oriented, form-focused, and packs a mighty punch. Dara has a passion for fitness, movement, and mind-body connection, working with her clients to establish their center and reach their fitness goals.

Dara’s Philosophy: Healthy living through movement, strength training, and mindfulness will not only make you fit, but will reflect your inner power and confidence.

Rhys Athayde
The Vision

Rhys, born and raised in NYC, knows what it means to overcome adversity. Growing up with health issues like scoliosis, severe asthma, food allergies, and extremely poor eyesight made sports and working out very difficult. However, Rhys refused to be defined by limitations and joined his high school wrestling team. By senior year he had become team Captain and made fitness a central part of his life. Passionate about Muay Thai, Taekwondo, boxing, and nutrition, Rhys inspires his clients to break through any physical or mental barriers they may have. Rhys’ positivity, paired with his incredible drive, is contagious and affects all who meet him.

Rhys’ Philosophy: We all have challenges that we face. It is up to you to see those challenges as barricades, or as an obstacle course that will just make you stronger when you get to the other side.